The Five Warriors

Currently: Revising

Genre: YA High Fantasy

Summary: Fel is the daughter of Feldrin the Fool, the leader of the Five Warriors, protectors of the land of Fa. He was known to be able to make anyone laugh, and entertain even the most sober of crowds. He died on a final adventure, leaving the quest unfinished. Fel is experiencing waking nightmares, seeing creeping ooze out of the corner of her eye ever since she read her father’s journal. She has no hope of defeating the evil on her own, being a student of academics, not combat. So she reads further into her father’s journal, finds the names of his fellow warriors, and the first clues as to where they could be hiding.

Fel is the daughter of Feldrin the Fool. She never met her father, as he died during an adventure. She inherited his unruly red hair and his unfortunate clumsiness. It’s very hard to be taken seriously as a bean marketeer-in-training when you trip over your own two feet all the time.
Khal is viewed as the greatest magician in the world. He has abilities that could change the entirety of Fa with one flick of his wrist. Great magic comes with greater prices, however, and Khal hasn’t cast a truly powerful spell in years. The more magic he uses, the older he gets. Vanity takes precedence over his irritable nature and is literally a life saver. However, chasing after Thren–his trouble magnet of a husband–through bouts and bouts of danger tends to put more wrinkles in his brow.
 Thren’s magic is subtler than Khal’s, and uses his whispering voice to convince nature into working to his whim. Thren’s personality bleeds and blends with his magic, one of the reasons he’s one of the strongest whisper magicians Fa has seen in a millenia. A rational yet empathetic person, Fel relies on him for honest and reasonable advice in the face of constant danger and crotchety old men. Thren says the compassion he shows Fel comes from a place of duty-a trait all elves have-but there’s another reason, one he’s keeping secret from everyone but Khal.
Bandor The Great has spent the last few decades drinking and trying to forget everything but the bottom of his mug. He is the strongest physically of the Warriors, despite chronic back pain. Because he emphasizes his physical prowess more than his mental, people often forget his intelligence. He loves reminiscing and his golden snake Slithers. 
Melkin is the slipperiest of the warriors, and also the richest. He is a master of the swords, and his apprentice is his son, Mel. Fel doesn’t see any reason to be alert, but the dubious looks and warning talks she has with the other warriors make her think twice before completely trusting him.
Both socially inept, cynical and perpetually moody, Fel and Mel can’t stand one another. Mel is around Fel’s age, and is too living in his father’s shadow. He is trying to become the great swords master his father is, and more. One of his arms is entirely made of stone, and Mel refuses to tell them all how it happened. He has a soft spot for small animals but keeps a distance from humans and Bandor’s snake, Slithers.

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