First AI author to make the New York Bestseller’s List

It is said that every year, the rate of the development of technology doubles. This has impacted people both positively and negatively, as society’s efficiency increased, but jobs were taken at the same time. Today, a novel written by an AI topped the New York Times Bestseller list for the first time in history. The story takes place in 2016, and revolves around the stimulating election of that year. For those of you who skipped U.S. History, that was the year Donald Trump was elected as president of the Old United States government. Many attempts have been made by programmers to create a system complex enough to comprehend and exert the appropriate effort to create a novel full of intrigue and a human-like touch. For years, there were disasters a plenty. Who could forget Mobile Rick, a cheap, volcano based rip-off of Moby Dick? Or when a computer simply wrote the exact words William Shakespeare did so many years ago? Programmers have been told to just “leave it to the professionals,” as novelist and New York Times bestseller James Mandolin remarked to our reporters.

“It’s ridiculous to assume that a piece of metal can replicate the experience of humanity. It may be able to craft a nice flow of words, but it will never be able to feel what it’s words really mean. To even allow it’s synthesized prose on the market is an insult to writers everywhere.”

When asked if his passionate response was because he was #2 behind the AI, he had no comment.

We were also given the chance to interview the creator of the AI, Suzy Sherman.

It was easy to tell that Ms. Sherman was nothing less than ecstatic about this development. “It’s amazing, what she’s been able to do so far,” she replied when asked about her invention. “Imagine what she’ll be able to create in two, maybe three years?”

When asked about the inspiration behind such a project, Ms. Sherman simply shrugged. “I’ve always believed robotics had endless possibilities. If machines can work a factory line, why couldn’t they top book review boards? I had a friend once give me the advice I’ve learned to live by. ‘Suzy,’ she said, ‘don’t ever let anyone tell you that there’s a level your work can’t reach.’ So I didn’t”.

Ms. Sherman’s invention also draws inspiration from a human dear to her heart.

“My wife, Carol, she was a writer. That’s where I got the acronym, C.A.R.O.L. Cartridge Based, Authentic Reverb and Oral Linguistics. I took some of her poetry, her essays, short stories. I took them, of course, from everywhere. Old videos I had, pages in her journals. I compiled their patterns into a computer, then ta-da! C.A.R.O.L. replicated her style. I simply let the robot decide what to do next.”

Ms. Sherman and her robot C.A.R.O.L. have an interview on Good Morning Ameranada this Sunday to discuss what this hefty development could mean worldwide.

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